Project Information

The Generative Engine is the culmination of a year-long project in algorithmic artwork. The application generates compositions that utilizes supplied assets, user settings, aesthetic rules and a level of chaos to instantaneously create infinite artwork.


Generating Artwork

Generate artwork by moving the cursor over to the “controls” menu and press “GENERATE.” Next to this button there is a slider that sets the number of iterations to produce.


Plotting Coordinates

Plot Coordinates using the drop-down menu above the slider. Manual-Plotter allows you to click and drag to draw your own coordinates, Click “STOP PLOTTING” when finished. The target symbol that appears is your focal point.


Managing Assets

Assets are the objects utilized in the composition. Select a library using the drop-down menu. Under “SELECT ASSETS” you can turn assets on and off and alter their relative scale to determine a hierarchy.


Managing Colors

/*Color Stripper is a utility for building your color palette. Move the Red, Green and Blue sliders until you get a color you like, then press “STRIP COLOR.” You will receive a window of your original color and 65 harmonized swatches. Color Presets are also available in a drop-down menu at the top of the Color Stripper menu.*/


Printing Compositions

To print or save a final composition click the "PRINT" button in the controls panel. This will open your operating system's printers dialog. Set your printer's orientation to compliment the shape of the composition, and turn on the option to scale the page to fit. If your computer has the Adobe PDF or other PostScript printer driver you are able to save an editable vector file.